Dean Toi voice had a sense of urgency. He had commanded his forces against his eternal enemy, the daemons of Khorne. The battle was inconclusive; however the interference by a great Tzeetch Daemon had troubled him. Khorne was predictable; to defeat Khorne, you simply had to prove your worth in battle. This new cult went by the name of the Children of the Exile and kept focusing on strange rituals, often seen prior to a summoning of a great Daemon.

Reports had come in from the war on Vogen.  Imperial data from the Death Ravens gave evidence that the Khornate forces on Vogen were fighting under the name of Children of the Exile. Dean Toi’s task force was in a completely different sector the galaxy.

The Ignean Salamanders, were concerned. Khornate cults usually appeared together, enmass, single minded and deadly, but never had a cult spread over such a vast distance. Something catastrophic was happening.

He’Sept, Company Master of Ignea knew first-hand the risks of taking the fight to Khorne. He pondered his encounters with Skarbrand and looked down as the wrist he had lost at the hands of the Daemon. He and his company paid a steep price banishing the Demi-God Skarbrand.

However, Igean’s saw it as their duty to protect mankind from the threat of Khorne, and He’Sept felt duty bound to commit his company to war once more.

Chief Librarian Calistratus convinced He’Sept to not lead the attack, but to send the new Master of Molten Armaments, Shen’noch and a Demi Company to reinforce Dean Toi’s task force. If both the Imperial forces on Vogen, and the Ignean Salmanders could destroy the Children of the Exile and banish the cult permanently.