Master of Molten Armaments Edit

Position and Role Edit Edit

Master of Molten Armaments is one of two Captain positions within the Ignean Salamanders. The other is Captain of the Vanguard.

The name origins come from the knowledge the holder of the position has to have regarding Melta weaponry. The Masters knowledge of Melta Warfare is so great, any army led by the Master of Molten Armaments has a vastly improved performance with Melta Weapons.

The Master of Molten Armaments is accountable and leader of the Battle Brothers and Scouts. The Master of Molten Armaments is seen has a very powerful figure as he/she controls the largest part of the Company.

The position is regarded largely as the joint 3rd most powerful in the Company, behind Company Master and Chief Librarian. The position is as highly regarded as Captain of the Vanguard.

List of Previous Masters of Molten Armaments Edit

Master Rahatiel Edit

Rahatiel is a stain on the reputation of the title. Master <insert> was leading a united force of Space Wolves from Cromhaven and Ignean Salamanders fighting a Tau and Eldar alliance. Keen to impress the Space Wolves, Master Rahatiel permitted 3 Space Wolf Terminators to make use of the Igean Drop Pod to lead a charge against the Eldar and Tau. After poor deployment, the Terminators and Master <insert> found themselves at the mercy of the entire firepower of the army. The Space Wolves went down valiantly, absorbing and taking a beating before being taken down by heavy weapons. Unfortunately when Master Rahatiel had to take firepower, only Pulse Carbines remained - no match for Artificer Armour. Unfortunately Master Rahatiel had poorly maintained his armour and the Carbine killed him dead. His body was not recovered.

Master Rahatiel was killed by small arms firepower during and engagement to an alliance of Tau and Eldar.

Master Shen'noch Edit

Master Shen'noch is keen to amend for her predecessors stain on the title. Shen'noch has worked tirelessly on learning the art of Molten Warfare and tests her armours constitution on a daily basis. She initial started as a Devastator and then attracted the attention of the Master of the Forge. She mastered training and took a new role as a Techmarine. After gaining some impressive feats in battle, noticeably in assaults when enemies had broken through the Salamander lines, she was promoted to the Master role following Rahatiel's death.

Master Shen'noch is the incumbent Master of Molten Armaments of the Ignean Salamanders.