Company Structure Edit

The Igean Salamander largely follows the Codex Astartes, however due to the Salmanders link between its populace and recruitment, they form companies from Hive Cities. Each Company is more self reliant compared to Companies of other Space Marines who can use other companies to help support.

Overall Structure Edit

Tier 1 - Leader of the Company: Edit

The highest rank falls to the Company Master, who has ultimate control and power of the entire Company, however a Company Master duties is to heed advice from the Senior Leadership who have mastered and has high levels of expertise in each of their specific areas of warfare.

Company Master - He'Sept

Tier 2 - Senior Leadership of the Company: Edit

Each subsection of the Igean Salamanders is lead by a commander, who reports and advises directly to the Company Master.

Chief Librarian - Calistratus

Master of Molten Armaments - Master Shen'noch

Captain of the Vanguard - Captain Dean Toi

Company Chaplain - Anauel

Master of the Forge -

Command Squad - 'The Hellcraken'

Tier 3 - Company Veterans: Edit

Heroes of numberous conflicts, with countless battle glories, the Veterans of Ignea are held in high regard. In time, a Veteran can find him/herself promoted to The Hellcraken. The Company Veterans are overseen by the Captain of the Vanguard.


Assault Terminators 'The Molten Hammers'

Sternguard Veterans



Tier 4 - Battle Brothers Edit

The 'standard' warrior of the Ignea Salamanders, his/her skills outmatch those of any other chapter or any of the Xeno's forces. The Company attempts to field 10 full squads, but when brothers are fallen in combat, it can take a while for the company to fulfil it's compliment of 10 squads. Often squads can field in combat squads if required. The Battle Brothers are overseen by The Master of Molten Armaments.

Tactical Squad 1

Tactical Squad 2

Tactical Squad 3

Tactical Squad 4

Tactical Squad 5

Tactical Squad 6

Assault Squad 7

Assault Squad 8

Devastator Squad 9

Devastator Squad 10

Tier 5 - Recruits Edit

The populace of Ignea are required to make their children attend the Scout programme. Each district in Ignea then each year engages in a competition called 'Vulkans Task'. The competition is based to emulate the contest between Vulkan and the Emperor. The winner and other impressive competitors are then permitted to train as a Space Marine Scout.


Support Tier Edit

Overseen by the Master of the Forge and Techmarines, the Airbourne fleet, Vehicles and Artillery are maintained and readied for battle.

Vehicles and Artillery

Airbourne Fleet