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Company Master is the highest rank within the Ignea Salamanders. The currently occupant is Company Master He'Sept.

The Company Master is the supreme ruler of the company and his orders cannot be undermined. Dispute this, it is considered a dishonour to not take commands from Tu'Shan, Regent of Prometheus and current Chapter Master of the Salamanders.

It is unheard of the Company Master ruling alone. He/she will always require the assistance of the Senior Command such as The Chief Librarian, Master of Molten Armaments, Captain of the Vanguard, Chief Chaplain and Command Squad 'The Hellcraken'.

Vel'cona - The First Company Master of Ignea.

List of Company Masters Edit

Vel'cona Edit

Ignea's first Company Master - favoured Gun line tactics and lead the Ignean Company since the company was founded from the fledgling city of Ignea. Under Vel'conas leadership the Igneans have had to endure a number of extremely harsh Times of Trials and has worked tirelessly to build Ignea, both the city and Salamander Company to become significant part of the Chapter.

Vel'cona was ultimately killed during a conflict with Imothek the Stormlord.

He'Sept Edit

Voted to become Ignea's second Company Master following the death of Vel'cona. He'Sept is the current Company Master. He has engaged in successful conflicts with Necrons, Eldar and Chaos Space Marines. However he has developed a special hatred of Chaos Daemons of Khorne.

He'Sept is the incumbent leader of the Ignean Salamanders.