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Chief Librarian is one of the highest rank within the Ignea Salamanders. The currently occupant is Chief Librarian Calistratus. The Chief Librarian is the lead Psyker in the army and responsible for training of new Librarians, communication with the Imperium and managing the risks of the warp.

To date there has only been a single Chief Librarian in the Igean Company. Calistratus is the oldest Ignean (ignoring Dreadnaughts). She was instrumental in the training and mentoring of the current Company Master, He'Sept. It is generally wise when the Chief Librarian speaks, to pay attention.

While the Chief Librarian is regarded as more powerful than the Captains, the Chief Librarian is on the same power level of the other Senior Command such as Master of Molten Armaments, Captain of the Vanguard, Chief Chaplain and Command Squad 'The Hellcraken'.

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Calistratus Edit

She was alive during the inception and creation of the Ignean Company and induction into the Salamander Chapter. She is the oldest living Space Marine in the Company, aged over 400. She is rarely seen in battle these days, but when she does take the field, she tends to dominate the battlefield.

Calistratus is the incumbent Chief Librarian of the Ignean Salamanders.