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Calistratus is the current Chief Librarian of the Ignean Salamanders. She has been in this position for over 400 years, ever since the induction of the Ignean company into the Salamanders.

Early Years Edit

Calistratus has been a Librarian in the Salamanders for over 600 years, her origins are reported to be that she originally recieved training from the Ultramarines Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius. She returned to the Salamanders and was instrumental in helping the former Company Master Val'cona raise the profile of Ignea and ultimately helped lobby and petition the respective political powerhouses into accepting the new Company.

Calistratus - Chief Librarian Edit

To date Calistratus has very limited action within the Ignean Conflicts. She has largely fulfilled a senior advisory role, while completing her duties such as training of new Librarians, communication with the Imperium and managing the risks of the warp.

She takes pride in mentoring the relatively new Commanders in the Company. She was instrumental in the appointment of He'Sept to Company Master following Val'cona's death and has mentored Master Shen'noch.

Her only major conflict since the Ignea Company was formed, was against the Necrons. She lead successful forces against a suprise ambush by Necrons on a dormant Tomb World. She lead her brothers to battle and personally defeated a C'tan Shard of the Nightbringer in combat.

On the Battlefield Edit

Profile Edit

Calistratus is a High level Psyker. In terms of wargear she varies and does not favour any form of equipment. She has been known to ride to battle on a Bike, but equally in Terminator Armour.