14th Black Crusade Edit

Chapter One - Warzone Carnage Edit

"If agents of Khorne are present, Ignea must answer the call to arms. With haste, Ignea must send it's full might to Amethal. By fire we shall purge the Daemon."

- Chief Chaplain Anauel addressing the council of Ignea.

As Abbadon the Despoiler launches his 14th Black Crusade, the diabolical Lord Xophas bypasses the Cadian Gate and leads an invasion of the Diamor System. On the Warmaster's orders, Xorphas commands the Crimson Slaughter, Black Legion, Night Lords, Khorne Daemonkin and Thousand Sons forces as he seeks a monstrous source of power that could spell the doom of the Imperium itself.

In defence of Amethal, an Imperial Alliance of Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Grey Knights and Space Wolves have already supported the garrisoned Cadian Imperial Guard. Upon news of Khorne involvement, the Ignean Salamanders felt duty bound to intervene.

Ignea is keen to reinforce and support their strong ties with the Blood Angels and Space Wolves. However this will be the first time the 8th Company of Salamanders will have battled, shoulder to shoulder with the Dark Angels and Grey Knights.

Hub Beta - Secundus Edit

The South Western Limits Edit

Captain of the Vanguard, Dean Toi, was the first Salamander to make it to Amethal, shortly followed by Chief Chaplain Anauel and his Demi Company. Imperial command reported that the South Eastern tip of the city had been subjected to numerous assaulting probes by ill-disciplined Children of the Exile forces, which until now had been kept in check by Dark Angels.

Ignea, lacking the widespread diplomatic power of say the Dark Angels or Blood Angels, were ordered to relive the Dark Angels of their command in the uneventful Southern fringe of the city. The theory was this would free up the 1st Legion, who could be sent to where battle was more pressing.

Anauel and Tactical Squads 2, 4 and 6, supported by Assault Squad 8 and Devastator Squad 10 immediately were dispatched. Dean Toi, Dean Toi remained in the city headquarters to help organise the arrival of the rest of the Ignean forces.

Anauel requested a scout squad was send outside the city and fortunately for the Imperial forces, they uncovered a staging area for the World Eaters and Children of the Exile, for what appeared to be a massive planned co-coordinated assault on the Imperial City.

Upon receiving the news, Dean Toi petitioned for support from his allies. From the war council, the Grey Knights, vowed to support the Salamanders when battle commenced. Dean Toi had to leave a minimal force of his Veterans in the heart of the city to help liaise between the multi factioned Imperial Alliance. Dean Toi marshalled a small force of Scouts and his trusted Molten Hammer Terminators and advanced to the city's outer limits.

As the scouts reported the heretical Chaos advancing, he finished the attaching the Mark of Tu'Shan to his armour.